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Doodles in math

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 asked: That's cool, you know what you want to do. I still don't know and I'm in your grade. I have been thinking about careers since middle school

it took me a while to figure out what I’ve wanted to do but i’d say just keep exploring things that you think might be interesting to you! Join clubs and take classes that sound fun and talk to lots of people! Also don’t stress too much about it because lots of people enter college not knowing what they want to major in and they just go for general studies! I still am not positive what I want to do when i grow up but that makes life really exciting, to see where it will lead you!!

 asked: Do u know what you wanna major in

Possibly pre med, pre vet or animal sciences!

 asked: I live in Washington and WSU is known for partying but it's also a really good school. Western Washington University is also a really great school, gorgeous campus and not too much of a party school.

Oh cool! I’ll add it to my list to look up :))

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 asked: Hey!! I see ur appying to colleges and i dont know if anyone has told u about doing the two year junior college option!!! If you transfer schopls you enter as a jumior and you get to spend more time on ur major!(u do ur gen ed at jc)

Eep I’m not applying yet (thank god I’m only a junior) but I’m hoping to go to a four year college and maybe take advantage of the amazing uc system we have in California!!

 asked: About WSU; it is a good school, and I know that every college parties, but it's basically known for partying only :/ but if that's what you're into yanno! Also, whitworth is definitely worth a look it has a gorgeous campus!!

Oh that’s good to know because that’s not what I’m looking for haha. I’m hoping to go to a school with good science departments, hopefully some kind of women’s crew team, along one of the coasts and like not super duper high admittance rates ja feel?

 asked: Honestly, I would personally recommend you don't go to washington state university :/

How come? Guys please tell me everything you know about colleges! Getting any sort of information helps me out a bunch!!!

 asked: You should go to washington state university. I can promise you you'll have the best four years of your life there

I’ll check it out! I’m probably going to end up applying to so many schools just because I want to make sure I get in somewhere hahaha

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 asked: Where in Washington, that's where I live!

Ahh cool! It’s gorgeous there 😊. I’ve been thinking about university of Washington, Whitman, and puget sound but I don’t know much about them yet! I’m hoping to take a trip up there this year to see what they’re like.

 asked: Where do you want to go to college?

I’m looking at a lot of different places but especially different UCs, some schools in Washington state, BU and others in boston, and then a few smaller ones along the east coast :)

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Today is a good day!!!!